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Welcome to the Tezos Wiki!

The Tezos Wiki is a place to get started and learn about Tezos. It also aims to answer the frequently asked questions about the Tezos protocol and the Tezos ecosystem.

Getting started#

The wiki is separated into five sections:

  • The welcome section includes this page, the white paper and position paper.
  • Learn - A general knowledgebase of Tezos for anyone and everyone.
  • Build - Is more for developers, project leaders and those wishing to build and develop on Tezos.
  • Use - Contains information and resources for users and those wishing to put Tezos into practice.
  • Contribute - Has more resources for assisting with this page.

To begin learning enter the Tezos developer portal.

See here for developer documentation.

Have technical questions? Check out the Tezos Stack Exchange.


This wiki aspires to be a living document maintained and supported by the Tezos community that will evolve alongside the Tezos protocol and ecosystem.

To propose a change to the wiki, submit an issue or make a merge request to this GitHub repository.

Stay Up to Date#