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As mentioned in previous sections, the Tezos-node offers a JSON/RPC interface. However, we want to be able to communicate with the Tezos-node without using the Tezos-client so that we can write applications and simply hand them over to the client without having to do anything else.

For that we have Taquito, a Tezos TypeScript library. You can find the source code in the official repository.

It includes various features, among others:

  • the @taquito/taquito package that builds upon the other packages in the Tezos TypeScript Library Suite and offers higher level utility,
  • the @taquito/rpc package that wraps the RPC endpoints,
  • the @taquito/signer package to sign with tezos keys, and
  • the @taquito/tezbridge-wallet, @taquito/beacon-wallet, and @taquito/temple-wallet packages implementing the Wallet API.

In addition, it is very well documented. Navigate here for Taquito's Quick Start documentation, and here for the Taquito boilerplate.